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Shower thoughts

Sometimes my inspiration and insight comes at the weirdest times or places. Most often, that is in the shower. Yesterday was one of those occasions. In my search for information about my biological father, Edward, I encountered a step sister. She is the daughter of the woman my father married. When I learned about her,…

Question: How has growing up not feeling connected to yourself impacted your life?

I saw this question this morning on an Instagram account that I follow called Codependencycurious. I am a recovering alcoholic and codependent so I follow a lot of those types of accounts. So, even though this question really speaks to those of us who have experienced abuse – whether it was physical or emotional abuse…

Why am I doing this?

Why am I writing a blog? Because I have a story to tell. And, at some point, I want to write a book about my story. Not for the money but because I want to share my story with others who have walked the same path as I have. It is unique, in that I…

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